The last few years have seen a rise in demand for web designers. And the good news about it is, there are no academic requirements, just you, a computer, and an internet connection. But don’t let that fool you, there is a steep learning curve that requires passion and resilience to get to the other side. After acquiring the necessary skills, you can decide to work remotely or in a physical location.

Web design courses are short, roughly three to six months and some are free while others are not. However, the free classes tend to be shallow and have few to no jobs prospects for their graduates, a total opposite of the paid types.

Here are the top four free web design courses available online

Don’t fear the internet

This site should be a place any aspiring web developer should start, with the basics of front-end development – starting from HTML to CSS and everything in between. When you first sign up, the site introduces you to the most basic things and progresses gradually into more technical stuff.

Learn layout

After learning all the basics, you should advance to this site. Here, you gain advanced techniques of how to make websites responsive and impressive. Ideally, they cover a lot of ground in a short while, but don’t worry; you can take the course at your pace.

Code school

Here, students can learn by doing, as their motto suggests. This website is yet another place for slightly experienced web designers. You get to create several sites as you learn, which can add to your portfolio when you finally enter the job market.


It is a tough course that interactively teaches users how to build web applications. The site offers a mix of front-end and back-end development. It also has an active forum where people ask for help after getting stuck with the challenges – which are no walk in the park.