Quick question, is it too late to learn web design at 40 years? Probably not, but it depends on how badly you want it. That is how flexible web development is, a short learning curve and plenty of jobs to go round. However, your success depends on the training that you get. There are several free sites to get you started, but the paid options help you set foot in the job market competitively.

If you have mastered all the basics, it is time to jump into the deep end of web design. These websites are video-based, and you learn at your pace. Here are the best-paid options for aspiring web designers in 2018.


You have probably stumbled upon this site severally while searching for online courses. And it’s true; this site is an excellent place to learn just about anything in the world. They have detailed video tutorials that are easy to understand. Besides, there is no timeline to complete the course nor do they ask for degrees.


This site is a marketplace where experienced people make videos about hot topics such as web design and post them there. Besides design work, you can learn to develop applications for Android and iOS. The reason why Udemy gets number two on this list is the pricing. It’s affordable, and of course, there is variety.


Another website that focuses on building an updated video library for anybody who dares to learn. Their web design course, in particular, is both beginners friendly and affordable. So the site is a one-stop shop for freelancers, starting from the introductions to advanced topics, they got you covered.


SKillshare is yet another site that offers video tutorials on web design. They might take long before updating their content, but that does not compromise on quality. Many freelancers have learned from their tutors and are now earning a living off of it.