Let’s face it; web design stands on very slippery grounds. After every few months, there is a new scripting language or trend somewhere in the web design scene. For that reason, web designers need to keep tabs on the latest development by trying to catch up between jobs. In fact, numerous sites offer tech content out there, but only a handful of them are free and useful.

If you like reading stuff, eBooks on web design could be your best bet. You can carry it around in your portable devices, referring to it if need be. Here are the best free eBooks you can get today.

Getting Real

If you are looking for a non-technical book with lots of useful information, this is it. The piece is from 37Signals, a team that runs a popular tech blog. It is so far, the best eBook any web developer could ever get. Besides, it has a perfect mix of quality, information, and a friendly tone.

The Shape of Design

This short technical book by Frank Chimero, an experienced web designer, is just perfect. He talks about his experiences working with big brands and how they came up with successful designs. Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration, this is the way to go.

A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

Mark Boulton wrote this 261-page book to help newbies get started. He illustrates (in words) how to find your first design job and how to keep it. There are several pro tips included in this piece, so go ahead and put it in your queue.

Learning Web Design

Jennifer Niederst knows that pleasing clients is not an easy task by any means. There are several techy things you need to consider, starting from colour combinations to the arrangement used. That’s why she opted to write this CSS cheat sheet for web designers.