Books and their electronic versions, eBooks, remain to be the best source of information. Blogs might be impressive and all that, but they don’t come even close to the details a book can have between its covers. Besides, people tend to research in books and then make blog posts.

Web design, in this case, is a broad topic that no blog post or a single video can cover entirely. Only a book can have all the necessary information in one piece, at your convenience. So here are your options when it comes to web design.

HTML Canvas

This eBook by Steve Fulton and Jeff Fulton is an all-rounder. There is a wealth of information about web development starting from front-end design to back-end development. However, this book is not for beginners; the authors assume you already have the basics, so be prepared.

Adaptive Web Design

According to the author, this book is not just any web design book. It contains the guidelines that will keep developers in check using the standard-based design. Again, this book is not suitable for beginners, but intermediate web designers will find it extremely useful.

A Guide to HTML5 & CSS3

This one right here is the ultimate beginner’s eBook. It is a step by step guide on how to create web pages, starting from the most basic HTML to advanced designs using CSS3. In fact, this book has a ton of recommendation, so it’s worth checking out.

Eloquent JavaScript

Are you ready to take on the world as a web developer? This eBook, by Marjin Haverbeke, will help you stay informed with the best practices concerning web development. Additionally, it has quizzes to test your skills after completing a chapter. Honestly, they are quite challenging, but you can “cheat” by looking at some of the solutions provided.