Typically, people are always looking for ways to improve their digital skills. As a result of this, they turn to the internet to learn and instruct others. It’s cheaper and more convenient than going to a physical class.

Photoshop has revolutionised the photography industry as we know it. Through it, designers showcase their wildest imaginations. However, creating stunning images and graphics is not as easy as it seems. There is a steep learning curve that starts with knowing how to use this complicated photo editing software.

Luckily, there are several paid courses to help beginners become junior designers in no time. Here are the best picks.

How now

This platform offers the best place to start your design journey or better still, advance it. Through their one-on-one video classes, you can learn a lot from an experienced Photoshop expert in a single session. But these classes are more expensive (80 Euros) compared to the shared option (20 Euros).


Of course, this site had to be on this list. It has some of the best tutorials found online. According to user reviews, this website is an excellent option for people with tight budgets. Here, the full course is available for less than $100. Ideally, you can never go wrong here.


Lynda is another popular tutorial site that promises to deliver top-notch videos on just about anything. There are some free Photoshop courses here, but they are mostly beginner stuff. Besides, the prices for the premium tutorials are super low – even students do not have to cost-share.

Twitch TV

At inception, this platform was for gamers to stream and chat in real time. But these functions have proved to be useful to eLearning. Photoshop, in particular, works well with this kind of platform. As a result, Signal Studio launched a live Photoshop class, and it seems to have captured the attention of experienced graphic designers as well as newbies.